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Aug 06

Latest 4 Images

Date: 2006-08-01
Image Size: 800x600
File Size: 122kB
Votes: 0
Hits: 91

Date: 2006-07-27
Image Size: 1920x1080
File Size: 188kB
Votes: 0
Hits: 167
My Villa

Date: 2006-07-24
Image Size: 640x480
File Size: 70kB
Votes: 0
Hits: 102
my Bedroom

Date: 2006-07-14
Image Size: 1024x768
File Size: 45kB
Votes: 0
Hits: 234

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Latest 5 Artists No. Images Country Webpage
Balko Schmitz
1 Germany Visit
sanjay nerella
1 India
Robin Verma
2 India
amit arad
1 United States of America Visit
Patricia Uma Rawal
1 India Visit

Latest 5 Links

3d resources | 3d models, textures, graphics, links and more

Added: 2006-08-01 Rating: Hits: 70 More Details

3D-Animation.com.ar - Free 3D resources
Free 3d resources, 3d models, textures, wallpapers, downloads, free stuff for game artists, animation glossary, cg animation industry news Argentina.

Added: 2006-07-26 Rating: Hits: 98 More Details

WireCASE model bank
The best Architectural 3D models online. Entire cityscapes, modern and historical architectural models, landmarks and much much more!! Check it out!!

Added: 2006-07-26 Rating: Hits: 70 More Details

Project Enterprise
This is the page for project enterprise; a complete 3d model of the original enterprise inside and out using Rhino. Now has downloads

Added: 2006-07-18 Rating: Hits: 166 More Details

RenderIT - Architectural Rendering
architectural rendering, 3d presentation and architectural rendering services for architects, interior designers, private clients and real estate promotion

Added: 2006-07-09 Rating: Hits: 237 More Details

Latest 5 Tutorials

perfect for noobs such as myself, only takes about an hour.

Added: 2006-04-19 Rating: Hits: 1174 More Details

Modern lamp modeling
A step by step tutorial on the creation of a lamp with 3d studio max

Added: 2006-04-12 Rating: Hits: 1164 More Details

learn how create in few steps a realistic picture frame with 3d studio max

Added: 2006-04-12 Rating: Hits: 954 More Details

king modeling
let's see how to realize an important piece of the chessboard as the king with this tutorial made for 3d studio max

Added: 2006-04-12 Rating: Hits: 1059 More Details

Modeling a highly detailed Basketball
This tutorial will show you how to model a highly detailed basketball in 3D Studio Max using box modeling techniques. This tutorial is suitable for beginners but assume some basic knowledge.

Added: 2006-03-05 Rating: Hits: 1408 More Details

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